The best coverings for a modern house

Do you know how many things you should take into account when designing the interior of your home to get a modern house? The list could be endless, there are so many aspects: choosing a good covering, a good layout, the lighting study, choice of furniture, textiles and finishes.

What has the greatest weight in the final design finish is the choice of materials, and something that our clients appreciate is that we make a preselection, advising them on what is best for them, always in accordance with the design we are working on.

If we start analyzing all the possibilities of coatings in interior design we would fill the blog and it is not about boring you either. We have brought you a super summary with the interior wall coverings that we use most in the studio when we face a comprehensive renovation in Valencia.

All coatings are applicable to both walls and ceilings, without forgetting the exterior; some can even be used to cover furniture.


Wood will always be a great ally. Not only can we use it for furniture, but we can cover the wall with some paneling or cleaving, creating the most original designs and also cover the ceiling, to give more warmth to the spaces.

Depending on the type of wood chosen, we can work with different styles in the decoration, following a more Nordic line or a more rustic line. It gives us warmth, obtaining very cozy spaces, and it marries perfectly with other architectural and decorative elements.

Natural wood also provides us with acoustic properties, but you will have to give it adequate maintenance to preserve its details and properties.


Ceramics in recent years have evolved a lot, so much so that we can even get unique and personalized pieces to cover any type of space, it does not have to be associated only with kitchens or bathrooms. Sometimes we find it as the main element in shops or restaurants, providing fun and a lot of personality.

It is a material that, although it is better to use in moderation, is ideal for focusing attention in the form of details, without overloading the space. It is easy to clean and maintain and in it we find a great diversity of sizes and formats and of course colors and finishes, to be able to create very original combinations.


Stone is a very natural-looking material ideal for adding a rustic touch to an interior, being a very original choice that provides elegance. We can choose between natural stone or artificial stone, but its use should also be focused as a decorative detail, avoiding always overloading the space.

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