Arids are a combination of sand, gravel, and other particles, used to make concrete, asphalt, and mortar.

Different types of arids can be used for different purposes in construction.

These are inorganic materials that are used for the manufacture of elements (such as bricks), or for the manufacture of materials such as concrete, mortar and asphalt, among others.

They are found in the form of sand, gravel, and stone, and are classified based on their size and shape.

Types of arids

Depending on their size, the type of rock from which they come and the application for which they are intended, arids are classified as follows:

By size, arids are designated based on the particle size fraction d/D, which is between the lower size (d) and the upper size (D).

By type of rock, the arids  can be natural, recycled and secondary (artificial).

Finally, we distinguish the different applications of arids. Thus, we find the arids under construction (concrete, precast and mortar, roads, ballasts, agglomerates, breakwater industry, etc.

And the ardis used in industrial applications, such as the manufacture of cement, glass, fillers, lime and plaster, molding sand, etc.

Types of arids: characteristics of sand and gravel

Sand and gravel are two types of arids used in construction, and they are classified according to their size and shape.

Each type has its own unique characteristics that make it suitable for certain applications.

It is important to choose the right type of sand or gravel for each construction project. The choice depends on factors such as the function to be performed by the ardis, the location of the project and the technical specifications required.

For example, if a strong and durable concrete is needed, it is important to choose a fine sand and an angular gravel.

In addition to its use in construction, arids are also used in the mining industry for mineral extraction and in agriculture to improve soil fertility. They are also used as fill material in the construction of ports and docks.

Sand and gravel classification

Sand is a type of arids made up of small, round particles of rocks and minerals. It is used in construction to mix with cement and water to make concrete, and also as a filler in various construction jobs.

There are different types of sand: fine sand, which is used in the manufacture of mortar and wall covering. Coarse or washed sand, which is mixed with cement to obtain masonry mortar and used in the construction of roads and bridges. And crumb sand, which is also used to make mortar and, mainly to join materials.

Gravel is another type of arids composed of larger and more angular particles than sand. It is used in construction to make concrete, as fill in roads and bridges, and as a base for roads and sidewalks.

Gravel is classified according to its size and shape, and can include river gravel, mountain gravel, and boulder gravel. River gravel is round and smooth, while mountain gravel is more angular and rough. Boulder gravel is the largest and is used in road and bridge construction.

In summary, arids are an essential material in construction and have different applications depending on the different industries where they are used.

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